The best world salesman!


A subject that finishes of if employ in a store that sells everything, it talks to the manager of RH:
- And there? How was your first day? How many sales did you do?
- I did a sale - answers the salesman.
- One only? - It frightens the manager - But all the salesmen do from 20 to 30 sales a day. And of how much was this sale?
- R$ 245.350,00 - answers the salesman.

The manager gobbles the dry, because a sale of this value is really unused thing.

- How is just that did you get this? - Question the manager.
- Well, I sold to a man a small fishhook, after an average fishhook, and finally a great fishhook.

After this I sold line of three kinds for the fishhooks. After this I sold all the supplies fishing. I asked where he had intention of fishing and he said me that it would be in the coast. I said that he would need a boat, and I sold him one of 16 fishery feet with two motors. There, I said that his car would not be able to tow him, and I sold him a Camionete double cockpit…

The manager interrupts it:
- Did you do this sale for a subject what did it enter asking a fishhook?
- Well, - it answers the salesman - actually the subject came ask me where is drogariapara section buy an absorbent for its woman. I seized the opportunity and said: Since your weekend was pro same sack, what such a fishery?”

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