Lula: O político mais popular na Terra

President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Eraldo Peres / AP

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva é herói improvável do Brasil.

'O Político Mais Popular na Terra '

Por quase sete anos, ele fez um trabalho espetacular como presidente do Brasil. Mas Lula pode resistir a tentação para jogar fora isto?

Por Margolis Mac

Leia a reportagem sobre a popularidade de Lula na maior revista do mundo aqui.

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Anônimo disse...

l São Paulo, September 9, 2009
Dear Sirs
In terms to inform this famous site, I’m writing about the tragedy that it’s happening here in Brazil. In the last decade retired people, for example who has paid the maximum contribution, in their 1st salary as retired, receive less than ten minimum salaries because of the reduction of “pension factor”, called in Brasil , ”fator previdenciário”. After five years they receive less than six minimum salaries, and after ten years they receive only one minimum salary, it seems that retired people are dying in an economic gas chamber.
Retired people in Brazil don’t have money to buy their own basic needs as medicines, food, medical services, etc. They have to sell all the patrimony earned in their entire life, loan money with their family or from the banks, to have a simple life. They literally are being tortured after 35 years (or more) working hard and seriously. Do you know where the Government put the money that should be saved to pay retired people? They built, over the last decades with our money: Brasília (Capital of Brazil), Belém, Transamazônica, CSN (steel factory), Rio Niterói bridge, Itaipú, etc.
Besides all of these, the “Previdência Social” (the institute that takes care of the retired people’s money), have a credit of R$ 300 billion, to be received, and they say that the institute keep their account overdrawn, in R$ 40 billion, because in Brazil there are too many old people. What a joke!!!
Nowadays there are many senators working on retired people favor, the most famous are Senator Paulo Paim and Senator Mário Couto, in order to stop this huge injustice.
As a retired worker, I can say that we are not asking for charity, we have paid all the salaries’ taxes. What we want, is our salary up dated without any cut. For these reasons we can say, that they are taking money from our pocket. They can’t put the responsibility of public debts on our shoulders. They are paying, with our money, a lot of different kinds of bills that don’t have any relation with retired people.
Could you please, inform this situation all over the world, on our favor? I am asking for this attention, for God sake, we are not in a Holocaust era. We are just human beings, do we deserve to be killed because we are old? What surprises us is in each summit, G6, G20, somebody say that every citizen in Brazil is happy, because our Government is doing what is expected for the population. This is not true, retired people are living under extreme necessities; they are suffocating us in our rights.
Politicians are expecting for the international recognition, maybe a Nobel Prize. Nevertheless, after knowing these atrocities, we are sure that the entire world will be aware about their truly profile full of unfair and strange behavior. They are like wolves in the sheep’s clothing.
Thanks in advance for your kind attention.
I am looking forward your news.

Best Regards
Valerio Amichetti
Next one, we will write in other languages. I accept help from retired people and their families.