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The space that separates the shabby of the imbecile is tenuous when we talk about politics and competences.

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The angry side of the "Fora, Lula!"

Yesterday to the 10h30 posted here an email that I received from Adriana and Giulio, of blog Prose & Political. They cared for other post, posted also here yesterday, to the 7h35, in which I cited the fact of they are announcing, with blog of the Democratic party, a demonstration in São Paulo call from "Outside, Lula!". Said that they sent an email polite to justify the such movement, but that I continued finding golpismo talk in "Fora,Lula!" At this time. In the same way as PFL (today GIVE) and PSDB classified as golpismo the groups of left that talked in "Outside, FHC!" At that time of the privatizations.

But I was alerted by internauta that is signed Marco Antôni…