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The angry side of the "Fora, Lula!"

Yesterday to the 10h30 posted here an email that I received from Adriana and Giulio, of blog Prose & Political. They cared for other post, posted also here yesterday, to the 7h35, in which I cited the fact of they are announcing, with blog of the Democratic party, a demonstration in São Paulo call from "Outside, Lula!". Said that they sent an email polite to justify the such movement, but that I continued finding golpismo talk in "Fora,Lula!" At this time. In the same way as PFL (today GIVE) and PSDB classified as golpismo the groups of left that talked in "Outside, FHC!" At that time of the privatizations.

But I was alerted by internauta that is signed Marco Antônio Quirim (, in a comment in one of posts, that Adriana and Giulio were polite just in that email. In your blog, they express, tell, of angrier way. Well, that kind of action is used to deteriorate for angrier attitudes... Explosive until!

Thence because -- as reveleou Helena Wounds in post yesterday's, here, to the 19h56 -- the Plateau Palace is fearful. Actually, everybody gets fearful. That golpismo business does not serve to anybody. See below Adriana's Post and Giulio and check as already they went up a tone:
“Journalist petista and blog crook

The journalist Such Faria, branch director in Brasília of the Newspaper of Brazil, did not like the note of this blog announcing the movement “The great hiss day” in SP (the note follows below). Did not like and it published in its today's column telling that that is golpismo.

Very well, my expensive Such, golpismo is to deceive the people with the purses-alms. Crook is a president who when it needs if put in the role of president invents a stye and not if solidariza with your people that suffers. Blow is to know that the population runs risk with an inefficient aerial and chaotic system, and we shut up, letting more 200 people die. Anyway, that more than golpismo, is murder.
Therefore, crook we, my expensive Such?


Saturday, day 4 of August, to the 14:00, in Av. From São Paulo (c/ Pamplona) there will be a demonstration "Outside Lula".

-Carry throat for hiss.
-Isopor planes.
-Any cardboard with sentences anti-comuno-fascist writings.
-Cloths blacks.
-Clothes pretas.
-Xerocar texts for distruibuição.
-Go in couple, trio or group.
-Clown noses.
-Send message of cellular calling the friends who are not facisto-petralha in the day.
-Send email inviting all of those well-known that are not comuno-facisto-petralhista.
-Care for all the newspapers, radios and TV's informing the happening.
-Do what it is possible for this great hiss happen. If do not happen tomorrow it will be worse.

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